Individual shamanic Sessions

Includes a divinely guided intuitive weaving of offerings

Energy Body clearings
Sophia christ consciousness

Illuminations/dna repair

Energy/entity Extractions

Soul Retrieval

Soul recovery

Destiny Retrieval

Shamanic Journeying

higher self upgrades

Death & rebirthing Rites

Home & Office blessings

earth/Land Healing

energy body re-weaving

Shamanic & Select munay ki rites

Sound Healing

Oracle card guidance


KES Krystic
Energy System® healing

individual & earth healing

This comprehensive energy system utilizes the Krystic Field of Consciousness (Sophia Source) in conjunction with advanced celestial technology and solar star intelligences of the Sun and Gaia's crystalline matrix core, to imbue all levels of the physical body and light body with Krystic alchemy, creating the potential for miracles.

Individual Mentoring

self mastery mentoring support & Healing to deepen into your heart & Soul Star embodiment

1 Month Mentorship Includes

1:1 Mentoring Support

Guided Healing Journeys

Deepening Practices

Weekly 60-90 Minute Live Zoom Mentoring

Healing & Energy Work

Image by Mr. Marco

Despacho ceremonies

individual & group Prayer bundles & offerings for abundant Blessings, healing & alignment

For hundreds of years, the wisdomkeepers and earthkeepers of the Q’ero lineage of Peru have used the despacho ceremony as an expression of gratitude, to heal and restore balance and harmony to oneself and community.

munay ki

Based on initiatory practices of the shamans of the Andes and the Amazon,
the Munay-Ki are nine rites of initiation
to heal the wounds of the past
and step into your becoming.

Healer’s Rite

Bands of Power

Harmony Rite

Seer’s Rite

Daykeeper’s Rite

Wisdomkeeper’s Rite

Earthkeeper’s Rite

Starkeeper’s Rite

Creator Rite

nusta karpay rites

Initiations of
the 7 Andean Goddesses

Mama Ocllo

Doña Mujia

Mama Simone

Doña Teresa

Maria Sakapana

Huana Huaman Tikkla

Tomasa Huaman Tikkla


the rite of the womb

The 13th rite of
the Munay-Ki

initiation from The feminine spirit &
medicine lineages
of the jungle

Pukara mesa

create a deep connection to the powerful spirits of the apus & nustas over the course of a year

Starting every winter solstice on December 21st


 Shamanic & womb journeying

individual sessions & group circles

guided & exploratory journeys for soul recovery and deep heart-womb alignment

Traditional shamanic journeys and womb journeying in the lineage of the path of pollen, guided by the sweet nektar of bee wisdom and medicine

dream journeying & lucid dreaming

individual sessions &
group dreaming circles

guided & exploratory journeys into the dreaming paths & expansive realms of your multidimensional soul

Image by Aldebaran S

Pleiades Koto Kuna Karpay Rites

Kanchaq Qoto (Alcyone)

Illary Qoto (Merope)

Llanqaq Qoto (Electra)

Munay Qoto (Celeano)

Nawi Qoto (Maya)

Tarpaq Qoto (Taygeta)

Puriq Qoto (Asterope)

star rites

Soul Star Rite

Pleiadian star elder
White gold Woven rite

Lyran star elder Triple
Infinity Abundance Rite

Image by Max McKinnon

“Divine Mother of all Life, take me to that place deep within your womb where i can know no-thing and be reborn anew.”

— prayer of the divine feminine christ, The Sophia Code, Pg. 2