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My prayer is to embody and co-create a safe space for the dreaming of deeper sovereign multidimensional reality, helping to guide and unfold you into the remembrance of your own heart-womb temple

These are the threads
of my many lineages

For more than 10 years I've had the honor
of training within the Andean Medicine Wheel teachings of the Qero from Peru, honeyed ancient feminine womb priestesses,
multi-lineage dream shamans,
the Order of Magdalene and high Magi.

I currently live in the city of Chicago, IL

May this evoke a gentle awakening into the peace
& fire of your own heart

Deep gratitude to all my mentors & teachers both virtually & in-person

Alberto Villoldo, Marcela Lobos,
Puma Fredy Quispe Singona, Robert Moss,
Sandra Ingerman, Andrew Holecek,
Shekinah & Sananda, Saida Désilets, Naomi Lewis, Kaia Ra® & The Sophia Dragon Tribe®

Image by Sergei Akulich

kind words

In addition to providing support with my health issues, Ashley has worked with me on spiritual growth. She has encouraged my attempts at journeying and opened my eyes to my potential to expand my understanding of reality.

— DJ

Ashley is just an amazing healer. Her voice and mannerisms are so calming. I loved the KES session with her. I felt so relaxed during the healing that I could not even move. I felt so much energy surging through my body and a lot of what needed to be released leaving my body. Ashley is a natural-born practitioner.

— JF

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