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Image by Viktor Forgacs

the rites of the pleiades

Image by Annie Spratt

Come bask in the ancient starlight ages of gold, silver and luminous indigo.
In the lineages of the stars. Our ancient and future timelines.


Journey with the star elders

$777 - live 7-week online training

Receive the 7 rites of the pleiades

Qoto Kuna Karpay, the blessings of the Pleiades. We come from the stars. The lineage of the Qero was said to have come from the pleiades star system from the most ancient of times. This is a land of snow capped mountains and starry gates to worlds beyond. We will journey and connect deeply to each star.

This journey will be a blend of receiving the rites, training and journeywork. You'll receive very special guided journey transmissions and activations unique to each soul group and individual. 

We will keep in the tradition of this ancient oral lineage, where you can build trust in your own guidance and intuition.

You'll receive an email from me to connect and schedule our journey together.

Live journeys will include

7 weekly 2-hour live zoom gatherings

An short oral history of each Rite

Unique guided journeys into the Pleiades

Special transmissions & activations from each star

Receive the 7 Rites of the stars

Group heart sharing​

Oracle card guidance

Breathing exercises

Learn how to gift the Rites to others

Practice giving & receiving the Rites

Create 2 Kuyas to hold the energies of the stars

Learn to create energy mandalas "sand paintings"

Image by Daniel Leone
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