Holiday Specials

Winter Despachos

Blessings to abundantly
receive this season

A special living prayer bundle will be made specifically for you. Blessed by our mother earth, elements and powerful medicine allies. Bundles will be offered to the waters of apu great lake Michigan for you to receive gentle waves of supreme abundance. You will receive a photo of your despacho after it is complete and offered to the water. Please include your prayers and intentions within an email or paypal comments.



blessings of ayni (sacred harmony) with pachamama gaia mother earth

Send your Intentions/Prayers for health, love, abundance/prosperity, all that your heart desires to be in right relationship with who you truly are for your greatest most joyful destiny on this earth

despachos will be offered to the sacred waters of great apu/lake Michigan using all natural ingredients, for a slower wave of blessings

you will receive a photo of the Despacho before it is wrapped and given to the sacred water